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*FREE DELIVERY! to Sydney metro for orders over $59 or $8.50 Flat Rate. For orders under 0.1m3 (4x bags hay) or 10kg. Cancellations / Refunds will incur the payment transaction fee.

*FREE DELIVERY! to Newcastle, Gosford, Wollongong, Canberra for orders over $109 or $13 Flat Rate. For orders under 0.1m3 (4x bags hay) or 10kg. Cancellations / Refunds will incur the payment transaction fee.

*FREE DELIVERY! to Melbourne / Adelaide metro for orders over $109 or $14.50 Flat Rate. For orders under 0.1m3 (4x bags hay) or 10kg. Cancellations / Refunds will incur the payment transaction fee.

*Regional areas - Shipping costs are calculated automatically. However, may incur additional costs due to packaging size.

*Additional Charges may apply

Boarding Service

We offer professional rabbit sitting service in our house. We listen to our customer and give all love to our visitors. Every rabbit will have their own separate living space indoors. We offer two options: 1. Staying in top quality cages imported from Japan to keep your bunny clean, secure and healthy. 2. Staying in secured playing pen with reasonable space. We try to offer similar living setting for your bunny to help them get used to the new environment. Each bunny will have a dedicated play area. We understand the mum & dad miss their babies during the travelling time and offer free weekly video updates. Give me a call on 0415446130 or send me a message to discuss more details, and give your pet rabbit or guinea pig a temporary retreat while you are away. Please check out our Instagram page for videos of our guests.

Thank you for taking such fine care of Bobby. We felt so grateful he was in good loving care. All the best for 2018.

Maria and Sarah-Jane

Bunny Blog

The reasons that make a rabbit/bunny a good pet choice.

Except for the reason of rabbit’s appearance which is adorable, cute and fluffy, here are some deep reasons why a bunny is a good pet choice.

1. Low maintenance. Compared to dogs, rabbits don’t need to go for a walk daily or require frequent washing. Rabbits can be easily litter trained and they can clean themselves. How good is that!!! Also, they are very quiet, you don’t need to worry about bothering your neighbour.

2. Rabbits/bunnies are financial friendly. Rabbits are vegetarian, some hay and a hand of pellets daily are all that they need. 1 bale of oaten hay and 2kg of pallets can last for at least 3 months. If you really want to spoil your rabbit, a small piece of carrot or other leafy greens can definitely cheer them up! (Kale is their favourite!)

3. One rabbit/bunny only needs very limited space to live in. Take a mini lop as an example, They only need a balcony to run around in if you live in an apartment. It is not necessary to have a backyard for them to roam (but they do love grass if you have some for them to play on)

4. If you are allergic to dogs and cats but still want to have a pet, guess what, try a bunny! They are probably the safest alternative choice.

5. Rabbits are a fantastic companion. They not only have an cute face but are also such good listeners. They can light you up when you have a bad day, and zip their mouth when you complain about your boss. Rabbit are “crepuscular”, which means when you get back home from work, they will be very excited to play with you. Some people might complain that her/his bunny doesn’t like hugging or patting. Tell you a secret, get a bunny when they are around 6-8 weeks, hug and pat them every day, let them get used to your touch, then you will find them extremely sticky.

6. Having a pet rabbit is good for kids to learn how to take care of others and also encourage them to do a consistent routine job (such as feeding and cleaning). Also, your kids will benefit from making more friends, of course, no one will say no to seeing / holding a cute bunny.

7. Rabbit's are very smart. You can teach them tricks and play games with them. There is one rabbit on YOUTUBE called ‘BINI’, he can even play basketball!!

8. What is more fun than having a rabbit? Adopting TWO rabbits! :)



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